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The most advanced cylindrical cell charger on the market, the MC3000 is the best of both worlds – the accuracy, versatility and power of a hobby charger, tailored to a high quality battery tray for single cell cylinders. Able to charge any chemistry cell, the MC3000 offers a rich user interface that can be controlled directly from the charger, from a computer, or even from an app on your Android or iOS phone! Independent charge cycles let you charge multiple sizes or even chemistries simultaneously. Pulling up a charge program from the 30 available user-defined preset slots is a matter of just a few clicks on the intuitive menu, or use one of the six standard operation modes: Charge, Discharge, Refresh/Analyze, Break-In, Cycle, and Storage.

Charging batteries is usually a primitive, boring task. Can’t fool your friends, it still is. In fact, this charger merely knows three elementary routines: charge, discharge, rest. However … refining,
combining, and repeating them in impressive cycles will make you feel dominant and superior!  We hope that operating the device will bring albeit unconsciously some fun and satisfaction to an otherwise mundane activity: charging one’s empty batteries. The MC3000 may be the most joyful not so compact 4-bay universal round battery charger in the world. Maybe. The creation of this product didn’t arise out of need but from the desire to finally have a charger as versatile, accurate and powerful as a SKYRC hobby charger but tailored to a sweet battery tray for cylindrical single cell batteries; no more hassle with battery holders, fiddly wiring, clamps or similar DIY solutions.  With the agreeable set of options per program, or by sequencing several such programs, the MC3000 is capable of mimicking virtually any operation mode recommended by leading battery manufacturers or employed by other commercial chargers.

The charger supports all common round battery sizes and chemistries in 4 independent slots, has numerous safety mechanisms to protect user, device, and batteries from harm, offers maximum charge rate of 3A/slot, true constant current for both charging and discharging, analyzing capability, PC & Bluetooth 4.0 monitor & control, user calibration, high accuracy and an intuitive user interface, while the up-datable firmware ensures flexibility to respond to user demands and future market or technology changes.


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