IMAX B6 V2 6A 80W Smart Battery Charger

SkyRC IMAX B6 V2 6A 60W balanced charger, suitable for nickel & lithium batteries in RC cars or trains.

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SkyRC B6 V2 is a DC input high-performance, micro-processor controlled charge/discharge/DC/DC converter with battery management suitable for all mainstream battery types (LiPo/LiFe/Li-Ion/LiHV/NiMH/NiCd/Pb). The charger delivers dedicated 60W integrated power and charge current can up to 6A.  Additionally, it supports DJI Mavic/Inspire Battery with maximum 4A charge power.

Model:SKYRC B6 V2
Item NO.:SK-100161
Size and Weight:
Case Material: Aluminium
Case Size: 115x84x31mm
Weight: 238g
Display Type: LCD
display backlight: Blue
DC Input:11-18V
Charge Wattage: 60W
Discharge Wattage: 5W
DC Output Wattage: 60W
Battery Types/ Cells:
LiPo/LiHV/LiFe/ Li-Ion: 1-6 cells
NiMH/NiCd: 1-15 cells
Pb: 2-20V
DJI Mavic: 3 cells(LiHV)
DJI Inspire: 4 cells(LiHV)
Battery Capacity Range:
NiMH/NiCd/LiPo/LiHV/LiFe/Li-Ion/Pb/DJI: 100-50000mAh
Charge Current:
NiMH/NiCd/LiPo/LiHV/LiFe/Li-Ion/Pb: 0.1-6A
DJI Mavic/ Inspire: Max 4A
Discharge Current: 0.1-2A
Balance Cells: 2-6 cells
Balance Current: 300mA/cell
Safety Timer: 1-120 minutes off

Memory: 10 different charge/ discharge profiles

Adapter Features:
1.High efficiency, low temperature rise.
2.High quality, durable & safe.
3.Compatible with balance charger such as SKYRC IMAX B6/mini B6.
4.More power exchange savings, less power wasting and working more efficient.

1.Plug the battery to be charged into the charger. Select the correct battery chemistry type.
2.Plug the temperature sensor into the port of charger.
3.Secure the sensor to the battery pack using the supplied hook-and-loop strap.  Ensure the area beneath the sensor is free of dirt and debris. If possible, avoid placing the sensor over a decal.


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