Government Contracts

Battery Assembly

Midwest Battery, LLC also assembles battery packs to fill government contracts for governmental entities beyond the U.S. Military or the Department of Defense.  We have become a reliable resource to many other branches of the Federal government, as well as state and local governments, municipalities, school systems, cities, fire departments, police departments and others. These include NOAA, the DOD, State Universities, Hospitals, and various other special operations departments.

MWB fills orders for all government battery requirements, whether you need straight distribution or battery packs for a variety of high-tech tracking and targeting devices:

  • GPS tracking replacement batteries.
  • Lithium batteries for laser pointers on weapons.
  • Lithium batteries for infrared devices.

Get Guaranteed Quality on Replacement Batteries

Midwest Battery, LLC guarantees the highest quality on replacement batteries with their large authorized dealer list that includes many of the biggest names in battery manufacturing:

Don’t cut corners with public safety. We honor manufacturer warranties and offer Certificates of Conformance and Compliance to verify the authenticity of the products in your order. Choose replacement batteries and battery packs provided by a company with over three decades of experience behind them.

MWB for Emergency Lighting and Other Vital Government Needs

Midwest Battery, LLC services include creating custom designs for a wide variety of applications, including emergency lighting and alarms.  Our varied services have made us the go-to supplier for companies in the marine, aviation, military and medical industries.

Our extensive production ability is supported by our in-house team of assembly professionals. To learn more about the wide variety of industries we serve, give us a call.