Purchase Orders

This is How We Process Purchase Order’s.

  • We generate an Invoice in our system which includes your PO number. On that invoice we include shipping information, tracking number and estimated arrival time to your destination. Then we email a copy of the invoice to your email address with received confirmation.
  • We keep your credit card information on file incase payment is not made.
  • Payment options: Credit Card or Check.
  • When processing your first order, we will charge your credit card for payment and keep it on file. After the first order has been made and payment has been accepted, you may choose to continue to pay by CC or choose to defer to 15/30 days net.
  • Net 15/30 days: We offer you two ways to pay with an additional discount. 15 or 30 Days Net. If you choose to pay 30 days net you will receive the discounted rate of the number of items you purchase at one time. If you choose to pay 15 day net, you will be given an additional percentage off of your total bill depending on the number of items you purchase.
  • We do not accept C.O.D.
Email Purchase Orders to:
Midwest Battery, LLC
email address: info@midwestbatteries.com

To ensure that the Purchase Order is fulfilled, please supply the following information in your PO:

Reference MWB Part Number and quantity for every item. 
Your Shipping Address
Your Contact Information:
Your First and last Name, Address, Phone Number, Email address.
or Your Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Email address.
(your email is where a copy of the Invoice will be sent).
Tax exempt status if applicable, and corresponding documents. 
No tax for purchases outside of Iowa.
Preferred shipping methods: Depending on the product we ship via USPS or UPS.
Contact us for any additional questions or concerns.