Midwest Battery, LLC

Midwest Battery, LLC was established in 2003 in the heartland of the United States, Iowa.  As a pioneer in providing total power solutions, MWB has enjoyed rapid growth by working closely with our customers to develop comprehensive battery and charger products.  MWB serves a world-wide spectrum of industry clients through technical strength and innovative products.  Our customers benefit from MWB broad product and technical capabilities in NiMH, Li-Ion, LiFePO4, NiCd batteries, chargers, power management, and other emerging power systems.  MWB products touch a wide variety of products in the rechargeable battery market, including industrial, consumer products, storage, transportation, medical, communication, military, and many other special applications.

Midwestbatteries.com, is our online store that brings these products and the same support directly to customers.  Whether you just need basic rechargeable batteries for your home, business, school, or projects we’re here to help!

Why Choose Midwest Battery, LLC


Midwest Battery, LLC continuously invests in the development of more efficient and cost effective power products to meet the ever expanding power needs of our customers.  We cover a full range of batteries and chargers for AA, AAA,C, D, & 9Vs to other specialty sizes such as 18650, 14500, CR123A and more. Additionally, we have off the shelf and custom battery pack solutions in various voltage, capacities, and chemistry to fit your specific need.


Whether you have a tight deadline, need expedited delivery, assistance with shipping batteries with strict shipping regulations, require international shipping we work with customers closely to get products where you need it.

We offer full US based customer support, and assist you with any problems you may have.

  • General battery questions for everyday home products.
  • Technical & Troubleshooting assistance.
  • Choosing the correct custom battery and/or chargers for your project/applications.
  • Fulfilling Purchase Orders (for School and Business) and more…