Battery/Charger Product Warranty Time Frame
Rechargeable Batteries & Battery Packs1 year Service, Repair or Replacement
Chargers (for Batteries & Battery Packs)1 year Service, Repair or Replacement
Battery Accessories30 Days Full Replacement
Products Excluded From Warranty: 
Primary Batteries (Non-Rechargeable) Lithium and AlkalineNone
Clearance ItemsNone
RC Product Warranty Time Frame
RC Products and Components1 year Service, Repair or Replacement
RF Products1 year Replacement
PCB / Electro-Mechanical / Connectors30 Days Full Replacement
Hardware / Glue & Adhesives / Flashlights & Accessories30 Days Full Replacement
Locomotives: New or UsedNone
Returns for RefundsSee Below

Midwest Battery, LLC offers a 1 year warranty on all (Non-Excluded) products that have defects in manufacturing. During the warranty period if the product is faulty, MWB will service, replace or repair the entirety of the product or send replacement parts/new product (as applicable to ensure a working product) to the customer. Products within the warranty period covers any quality issues except for cases where the product has been misused, modified, abused or neglected, and/or in cases of natural disasters. This warranty covers the product you purchased from a MWB Dealer or directly from MWB as a service repair or replacement to the original manufacturers specifications, and shipped back to you.

Midwest Battery, LLC and, its subsidiaries will not be held liable for any consequential, accidental or damage done to the product, resulting in misuse that causes harm to the customer, damage to their property or damage to the product. This includes, but is not limited to; damage to the product, loss of product, loss of property, loss of effectiveness, loss of use, or ANY consequence damage regarding third party buyers. 

All purchases by a MWB Dealer require an agreement to all terms listed here and include all conditions and return policies under this warranty notification and terms of use.

Returns for Full Refunds
Midwest Battery, LLC offers a full refund on their manufactured products that have not been opened or used in a device up to 14 days from the date of purchase. All products returned to MWB for refund or repair, must have all contents within the product item box or package returned as what was shipped to the customer, before repair or refund can be given.

Midwest Battery, LLC covers under warranty based on the listed specifications:
Nominal voltage.
Continuous discharge current.
Over Current Cutoff / In-rush current (applies to Li-ion/Li-Po packs with PCB).
Incompatibility in a device is not considered a defect and not covered under warranty.
Capacity is based on the performance of 300 cycles or less and operates above 80% of capacity.
Discharged battery or battery-pack before charging.
Overcharged or Charged a “HOT” battery or battery-pack before discharged, causing harm.

Improper usage not covered under warranty:
Incorrect installation of product “causing shorting.”
Incompatible charger: wrong chemistry and wrong voltage using charge rates much higher than the packs rating by manufacturer.
Improper maintenance: long term storage (in high heat, humid environments, extreme cold).
Leaving batteries attached to devices unused for long periods (whereby over-discharging the battery).