Cordless Drill Battery Inserts & Rebuilds

Our battery-pack inserts and rebuilding services consists of a wide range of NiCd & Lithium battery-packs for all types of applications, including the DeWalt, Makita & Milwaukee lines of lithium cordless drill battery-packs.

Currently, we can rebuild the full line of 20V / 60V DeWalt Lithium and the Milwaukee M-18XC / HD RED and 1800 Series of Makita Cordless Drill Battery-Packs. We also offer inserts for the full line of the older version of DeWalt DW & DC NiCd Battery-Packs.

Here’s our process. We take your old battery-pack, like the Milwaukee M18 RED 12A 48-11-1812 shown below. Remove the pack from it’s existing case. Remove all the Lithium 18650 cells from Milwaukee’s original insert and weld New Samsung INR18650-25R 2500mah Lithium-Ion HRD (High Rate Discharge) cells back into the OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) by Milwaukee.

Then we give you a 1 year service warranty (Not Prorated) on all defects from manufacturing, which is listed below.

Midwest Battery, LLC offers a 1 year warranty on all (Non-Excluded) products that have defects in manufacturing. During the warranty period if the product is faulty, MWB will service, replace or repair the entirety of the product or send replacement parts/new product (as applicable to ensure a working product) to the customer. Products within the warranty period covers any quality issues except for cases where the product has been misused, modified, abused or neglected, and/or in cases of natural disasters. This warranty covers the product you purchased from a MWB Dealer or directly from MWB as a service repair or replacement to the original manufacturers specifications, and shipped back to you.

Listed below is our updated price sheet for our Lithium Rebuilds and NiCd Inserts. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call: 319-360-5000.