Saft LS17500 3.6V A Lithium Primary Battery

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Saft LS17500 3.6V A Lithium Primary Battery

Saft LS17500 A-size bobbin cells are suitable for a variety of applications such as computer memory backup, dive computers and industrial PLC (programmable logic controller) units. Other common uses include automatic utility meter reading, alarms, security devices and automotive tracking systems.

These primary lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) batteries are rated at a nominal 3.6 Volts and deliver high energy density with reliable, stable output.

The recommended range of operating temperatures from -60° to +85° Celsius means that these versatile cells are capable of withstanding extreme heat or cold. Conversely, in storage at 20° Celsius, the self-discharge rate of Saft LS-17500 A cells is impressively low at less than 1 percent per year. Stainless steel battery end caps and leading edge battery technology combine to assure enhanced resistance to oxidisation, even in humid environments, while the non-flammable electrolyte provides an extra margin of safety.

These A-size lithium cells comply with IEC 86-4 and EN 50020 safety standards, in addition to the European RoHS directive. Additionally, Saft LS 17500 batteries offer a low magnetic signature as well as excellent resistance to passivation. This latter characteristic of lithium battery chemistry sometimes produces a slight initial voltage delay under load, until the discharge reaction reaches peak performance.

Supplied in new single sealed packs, Saft LS17500 A-size cells are equivalent to ER17505 and ER18505 battery size codes and measure 17.0 millimetres in diameter with a maximum height of 50.9 millimetres. Their average weight is 21.9 grammes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This A battery is 3.6V which is a higher voltage than common household A batteries. It is only to be in equipment designed for it and will damage equipment requiring regular voltage A batteries. It is NOT RECHARGEABLE and attempting to do so is extremely dangerous.

This product is brand new and includes the manufacturer’s 30 day warranty, so you can buy with confidence.

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Battery Size


Nominal Voltage




Lithium-Thionyl Chloride (Li-SOCl2)


Diameter: (17mm) x Height: (50mm)


8g / per battery




Aluminum Foil


5 Years




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