PCP1 – 12V Control Box w/Lithium-Ion Battery & Charger


This 12V control box controls all your 12V devices with 5×pre-wired 16A switches, 3×Cig sockets, 2×USB ports, and a digital voltage indicator.  It includes tabs for switches to customize your setup for your own needs and is ideal for your 4×4, canopy, caravan, or cargo area.

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PCP-1 12V Control Box with Custom Logo & Accessories

  • High level of customization

This is the 12v control box – a fully functional kit that will make anyone’s 12v setup better If you’ve been dreaming of an epic 12v system, then this is the kit you’ve been waiting for.

  • High strength and plenty of space

The case itself is constructed of laser cut 1.5mm powder coated aluminum and the lid is 2mm thick for strength. With dimensions of 400mm x 305mm and a depth of 80mm, it is compact enough to fit almost anywhere, while still providing enough space for all switches, wires and 12V devices.

  • Easy to position

From the outside in, there is a grommet on each side, which makes it easy to position and wire where you want to mount it.

  • Easy-to-use fuse holder

Next up is an easy to use fuse holder – these fuses are used to control the switches, plugs and sockets on the bottom of the box.

  • 3 cigar sockets and 2 usb ports

From left to right, you have 2 quick connect plugs – the first can easily be configured as a solar input for a DC charger. Then there is a voltmeter, three 20 amp cigar sockets and a dual USB socket with 1 amp and 2.1 amp USB connections.

  • Five 16-amp rocker switches

At the top, you’ll see five 16-amp rocker switches – these are pre-fused for power, so you can easily turn any additional accessories and circuits on and off. You can even get a pre-marked sticker to customize your setup to suit your needs.

  • Dual 20A Quick Connect Connectors

Plug your solar panel and regulator right in for instant solar charging!

  • High Quality Wiring

Unscrew the surface to reveal a negative bus bar and negative M10 terminal inside, as well as two positive terminals for the starter and auxiliary batteries. This means wiring two batteries for a dual battery system is a breeze!

PCP-1 12V Control Box Datasheet

Main Material Laser Cut Black Powder Coated Aluminum
Switch Rating DC 12V 20A /24V 10A
Power Socket Rating DC 5V 4.8A(2.A+2.4A)
Cover Plate Thickness 2mm
Box Thickness 1.8mm
Max Current 50A
Size 6P 350×200×82mm/Customize

PCP-1 12V Control Box Accessories

Optional Accessories Busbar 

USB Charger Socket

Rocker Switch

Voltage Display Meter

Power Outlet Socket

Fuse Block


Circuit Breaker

Membrane Switch(6 way or 10 way)

Battery Switch

DC TO DC Charger

Solar charger Controller


  • This product is a customized product, customized according to customer requirements, we strictly protect the confidentiality of customer and product information, so we do not do it in stock.
  • The appearance and size of this product can be customized, and there are a variety of accessories to choose from.
  • Optional accessories are all from our store, you can also purchase accessories separately.
  • Optional accessories include battery switch, USB charger socket, busbar, circuit breaker, fuse block, voltmeter, rocker switch, etc.

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