2-Pack EBL SC2300mah NiCd Rechargeable Battery – w/Tabs

Description:  Excellent for cycling applications requiring a rapid charge.

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Standard Density:  EBL SC2300mah Flat Top NiCd batteries can allow for an extended run time in various applications.  Applications:  manufacturing of custom welded battery-packs for cordless drill power tools.

Specificity:  Accelerated charge.
Size: Sub C
Dimensions: 23mm / 43mm

Made in China

Designed specifically for welding cordless drill battery-packs.  Lifetime:  More than 500-600 charge / discharge cycles.  Low internal resistance allowing a strong discharge regime.
Sealed, leak-proof battery.  Ability to support deep discharge.  Wide range of operating temperatures and withstands adverse humidity conditions.  Long storage life without no memory effect or performance.  Heavy-duty metal casing.  High reliability due to high quality standards.


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